Ricky’s cousin, Rachel Rabbit

And  Rachel Rabbit is finally finished, photographed and to be found at polsknitsnstuff on Etsy


I am currently knitting a superhero monkey.  I have a kitten, a sheep, and Mario to finish.  And Mrs Dulcie Duck needs a tail – I admit it, I had forgotten to knit one!

You can check out the toy section of my etsy store here:


Return of Cultbubble

I have created a new treasury on Etsy to promote the return of http://www.cultbubble.com

Cultbubble is a new kind of social networking site for the comic con scene.  There are ‘virtual tables’ available for traders to showcase/sell their work.  Cultbubble is a virtual comic con – where traders can sell and mingle with buyers – and people can blog and chat and post photos.  This is the space for anyone into sci-fi, fantasy, comics, superheroes, horror, manga, anime, – books, comics, tv., films – whatever and everything that interests you.

Don’t be shy!  Come and join us on http://www.cultbubble.com

Anyway, here is the treasury.  Took me a long time to create this as I wanted sellers whose main goods were ‘comic con’ related.  I am very happy with what I found.  I hope you will take a look – and I really hope you like it as much as I do.


Always busy knitting

I am always busy knitting.  Have had a custom order to do – a zebra and a lion – which are currently travelling to their new owner in the US.  Hadn’t knitted a lion before and was really pleased with how it turned out.  Have the feeling that I will be knitting another at some point as he is so cute.



Still knitting rabbits.  And I still have Mario to finish.  Did finally get the new pair of baby booties into polsknitsnstuff at Etsy.


Hello, Laura Lamb

Laura Lamb is for sale at polsknitsnstuff on Etsy.  She wears a black and white cropped sweater, and pink pinafore dress and shoes (which are removable).  She also wears long black and white striped socks (which are not removable).  She’s looking for a good home and someone to love her.



I have been getting on well with knitting Mario but have to stop for a while as I have a custom order for a zebra and a lion.  Really should start knitting now…

Ricky Rabbit makes his debut

I have finally put Ricky Rabbit into polsknitsnstuff on Etsy.  He is approx 9 inches tall (not counting his ears) and wears jeans, boots and a multi-coloured sweater.  He is looking for a good home and needs someone to cuddle him and love him.



Now I need to get Laura Lamb into the Etsy store.  I have also knitted another pair of booties, started another rabbit (this one will be Rachel Rabbit) plus I have Mario to finish.  I love working at several things at once!

I have also done a new Treasury on Etsy.  Follow the link to Shine A Light on some awesome Etsy sellers.


Link at Cultbubble

Have just opened a store/virtual table at Cultbubble.com – at the moment only Link (from Zelda) is for sale.  Though I am busy knitting Mario at the moment and have plans for more character dolls/plushies.

Cultbubble is a new social media network for the Comic Con scene – anyone who’s into sci-fi, fantasy, horror, superheroes, anime, manga, books, films, tv -it’s a place where like minded people can get together in a virtual Comic Con.